How to Trick a Slot Machine to Win

How to Trick a Slot Machine to Win

When it comes to playing slots, people use many methods in an attempt to beat the house. From using magnets to stop reels on winning combinations and special lights that disorient sensors on machines to using magnets that stop reels when winning combinations are hit; all are designed to fool machines into giving more wins than they would normally give out.

Cheaters have long been present at casinos, looking for ways to cheat at their games. Slot machines are no different; cheaters have devised numerous schemes designed to fool these machines and win more money from them. Perhaps one of the most memorable was invented by Tommy Glenn Carmichael – “Monkey Paw”, an ingenious device made out of metal rod with guitar string wrapped around it that was inserted into an air vent of slot machine air vent to trick coin sensor into thinking coins were being continuously deposited, turning small payouts into massive jackpot wins!

As with any casino-style slot machine game, whether playing land-based or online slots, certain information should be understood before beginning to cheat the system. For example, machine payout odds are random so there is no such thing as “hot” or “cold” machines and pushing buttons on machines for too much or too little time does not increase or decrease their likelihood of payouts.

Magnets were once an effective method for cheating slot machines to increase winning chances, but due to most slot machines now being fully digitalized this approach no longer works. Placing the magnet on glass in front of the machine and pulling its handle when winning combinations appear is one strategy but this method of cheating may lead to serious legal repercussions.

One popular slot machine hack was to use a string to yo-yo the coin into the machine using laser sensor recognition of coin insertion. Unfortunately, this method no longer works due to most modern slot machines no longer using laser sensors for coin detection.

Cheaters used to be able to manipulate slot machines by placing a paper clip over winning symbols and pulling the handle, hoping they would stop at these combinations. Unfortunately, such acts are now prohibited in many states and most modern slots come equipped with protections to detect this practice; it also becomes very difficult to place paper clips over these winning combinations since they don’t appear printed directly onto spinning reels.

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