Where Is Online Gambling Legal?

Where Is Online Gambling Legal?

Online gambling refers to wagering on games or events taking place over the internet, providing entertainment at the click of a mouse. As more people gain access to the internet, this form of entertainment has grown increasingly popular. There are currently over 200 legal online gambling websites offering casino games and sports bets; some of these run legitimate casinos while others should be avoided altogether.

Where you live has an impactful role in determining whether online gambling is legal. While most states had previously banned it, more recently more have legalized some form of online gambling and today the majority allow some form of it. Some states even pass laws protecting players against unscrupulous operators.

Some states only permit one form of online gambling – for instance sports betting – while other states permit all forms. Either way, you should always gamble responsibly as otherwise you could end up spending more money than is suitable.

New Jersey was the pioneering state to legalize online gambling in 2013. Through legislation passed that allowed its residents to legally gamble at licensed iGaming sites, New Jersey has seen its online gaming market flourish exponentially and partner with some of the biggest names such as DraftKings, BetRivers and Caesars.

Connecticut was another early adopter of online gaming, launching three licensed sites beginning in 2012 under state lottery oversight and featuring popular offerings like 888 Casino, Harrah’s, and Ocean Resort Casinos.

West Virginia quickly joined the iGaming movement with its first legal iGaming site opening for business in 2019. Boasting nine online casinos backed by familiar brands like Golden Nugget, FanDuel and Caesars – making West Virginia one of the country’s most robust iGaming markets.

Oregon, Oklahoma and Vermont are among the states which currently do not permit any form of online gambling, yet these three states may legalize it at some point in the future. They are looking into passing legislation to legalize this form of gambling as part of an expansion to legalization plans in their respective areas.

While online gambling is legal in most states, Hawaii and Utah still prohibit it, while social casinos that utilize virtual currency instead of real cash aren’t either. Furthermore, the Kahnawake tribe government has implemented a licensing system to ensure fair and responsible operations of casinos licensed within its territory – one factor contributing to its growth alongside others such as regulation.

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