How to Play the Game of Life Washington Lottery

How to Play the Game of Life Washington Lottery

how to play the game of life washington lottery

How to Play Life Washington Lottery

A caregiver who put three Powerball tickets into her jacket pocket without checking for several days won a $50,000 prize with Quick Pick, which randomly selects numbers when grocery shopping in Greenwood on March 9. Lottery officials confirmed this success story as evidence of luck at work.

Washington Lottery games raise funds for state programs in education, health, human services and natural resources. You must be 18 years or older in order to purchase tickets and play responsibly.

Google’s Website Translator may not provide accurate or comprehensive translations. Please be aware that results of your game will be presented in English while winnings will be paid in US dollars.

If there are multiple Set for Life Division 2 winners, their winnings will be shared equally (e.g. five winners will each receive $4,000 a month over 12 months).

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